Looking for a way to make extra money in your retirement? Consider starting a business

Older adults don’t have to retire to the easy chair to live out their days watching game shows and daytime dramas. Some older adults still have a lot of spunk left and want to make a little money to supplement their retirement income. If this is you, we’re here to help. 

You may think you’re past the age of starting a new business, but you’re wrong. You have the benefit of life experiences, and you have the freedom and time to put into it. With a small business, you can put as much time as you want into it, or you can just do it as often as you like. With a small business, you’ll have the extra income you want and the freedom to do the things you like without reporting to someone else. 

Here are some ways you can start your own business and make a little extra cash. 

Dog walker — If you’re a dog lover and like to get out and walk with them, consider becoming a dog walker. You can also use your home to board dogs overnight or start a doggie day care. Look around your town at some of the other dog businesses and see what they charge and the services they offer, then decide what you want to offer. Then just start walking and sitting dogs for your friends. When it’s time to branch out, ask your friends to refer you to their friends or write a review to post on your website. Soon, you’ll have so many four-legged friends, you’ll have to hire help to get it all done. 

Handy-person — If you’re handy around the house and good at doing repairs, consider becoming a handy-person. You can do jobs for people who need it, such as fixing a broken stair, installing a light fixture or repairing a garbage disposal. Seniors need help with things like this all the time, so you can ask your friends to tell their friends about you, and you’ll soon have a bustling business. 

Seamstress/Tailor — If you’re good at sewing or working with textiles, consider doing sewing alterations. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find someone who can do a good job hemming skirts, taking in pants or creating that perfect prom dress. Make an outfit for a family member, and when they are asked about it, have them hand out your card. 

House sitter — If you’re an older person, you likely know a lot of people who travel. They don’t want to leave their homes unattended, especially if they will be gone for a long time. Offer up your services as a house sitter. You can stay in their home, take care of their pets, bring in the mail and water any plants. When your clients come home, they’ll have a house that’s fresh and ready for them.

Sell your crafts — If you’re crafty and like to make things with your hands, start selling them. Crochet or knit blankets, baby clothes, dog sweaters and more. You can sell them at craft fairs or online at websites such as Etsy.com. Make sure you’re selling them for more than it costs you to make them, including your time. 

Starting a business in the second half of your life isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Find something you enjoy doing and find a market for it. The best marketing is word of mouth, so enlist your friends and family to help spread the word. You might find that niche that makes you rich. Or you might just find a way to finance your next cruise. Either way, you’ll feel better that you made money doing what you love. 

Photo by Pixabay

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